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SMART Recovery

SMART Recovery

Few treatment programs are as adaptable as the SMART Recovery program. Substance abuse and addiction research is evolving every year, and as newer information becomes clear, most treatment programs such as the 12-step program do not adjust their methods to incorporate it. The leaders behind the SMART treatment method can accumulate new knowledge about treatment and combine it into their program to offer altogether better addiction care.

What Is It?

SMART Recovery is a program that was designed as a way for the evolving scientific knowledge on substance abuse disorder and drug research to be utilized in a program that is able to adapt effortlessly. The program relies on multiple areas of treatment such as psychopharmacology, cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing in a scientifically driven treatment approach. SMART, or Self-Management and Recovery Training, makes use of their tool for the stages of change that occur in a person who receives addiction treatment. The tool includes the following:

  • At first, the person may not realize that they need addiction therapy or that there is a problem.
  • Once they realize there is a problem, they start to evaluate the pros and cons of what they are doing through an analysis of what it is really doing to them.
  • A Change Plan Worksheet is then created when the person decides to make a change in their life and behavior.
  • The next stage is action. Here an individual will actively find new ways of coping in order to positively change their behavior through self-help, addiction help groups and professional guidance.
  • Maintenance is the next step that happens after a few months of being abstinent. Maintaining their abstinence is now their goal.
  • Finally, a patient graduates from the program after a long period without relapse.

What is the 4-Point Program?

The SMART Recovery program operates through a four-point system to aid with addiction treatment. Rehab centers in Vermont among other states who utilize the treatment program follow the following four points:

  • Motivation needs to be built and then maintained over a long period.
  • Cravings and urges to abuse substances need to be dealt with through alternative coping skills.
  • A patient’s behavior, thoughts, and emotions need to be managed.
  • Knowing how to live a balanced life is explained and taught to patients so that they can go on to lead satisfying lives.

The SMART Approach

Vermont rehab centers aid addicts with their addiction problems through the following approach:

  • The patient is taught to be self-reliant and empowered for change.
  • Meetings are held on a regular basis to inform patients about new techniques and treatments. They are supportive, educational meetings and open discussions about addiction and people’s experience is welcomed.
  • Patients are encouraged to not just stop their substance abuse but to have happy fulfilling lives after their treatment.
  • Change can only come from an individual and patients are taught the skills they need to direct change inwardly. This helps to break an initial addiction cycle as well as helps the person to change for the better as time goes by.
  • Medications that can be used to treat mental disorders or an addiction are supported by the program and used to assist patients.
  • The program understands that there may be additional mental disorders present that make the treatment for substance use disorder more complex.
  • The entire program can adapt to new scientifically proven knowledge and provide this benefit to new and existing members.
  • It is a more complex treatment method than that of 12-step programs as it incorporates more areas that are known to help addicts.

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