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Partial Hospitalization

Partial Hospitalization

Programs offered by rehab centers in Vermont for substance addiction can assist individuals with the recovery from their addiction. Partial hospitalization, outpatient and inpatient programs prove an array of options to choose that can suite the needs of a variety of individuals. With some reports from the National Institute on Drug Abuse showing that as little as 2.6 percent of people in need of addiction treatment receive it. Programs such as partial hospitalization can provide the means to defeat addiction.

What is a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)?

PHP refers to a rehab program that provides daily care for people with substance use disorder. Patients are expected to be in treatment between five to seven days a week and it is often referred to as day-care. The program provides clinical services for a limited but frequent time. These programs are medically supervised and provide patients with comprehensive, supervised care. These programs are usually stand-alone treatment options and a person coming out of inpatient detox often attends a PHP. It differs from inpatient treatment in that the person does not reside at the rehab center while undergoing treatment. It is considered an intensive form of treatment much like inpatient care. It differs from outpatient care in its frequency and intensity that can help with more severe addictions. Outpatient programs require less attendance per week with fewer hours spent at the rehab center.

Ideal Patient for a PHP

Mild to severe addictions can be treated with a PHP due to the intensity of the program; however, if the person lacks adequate support in their home environment (to help with their recovery) then an inpatient program may be more suited. Individuals who have just completed a medical detox program are also suitable for this form of treatment as it provides the intensive care they need while still providing elements of independent living. The often-daily attendance of therapy and meetings allows the patient to be fully involved in their recovery while attending to their needs such as work or schooling.

Aims of the Program

Partial hospitalization can assist patients with multiple areas in their life and behavior that have an effect on their substance abuse. Rehab centers across Vermont have similar goals when treating a patient for addiction that includes the following:

  • Rehab centers aim to assist with the psychosocial stress that is related either to a substance use disorder or to another mental health disorder.
  • The programs provide a therapeutic environment that is supportive and help the patient to understand what they need from their home environments as far as support go.
  • Many people with substance use disorder also have other mental illnesses that can affect the way their addiction work (self-medication, etc.). A goal of the program is to help the patient manage these disorders when they occur with substance use disorder, also known as dual diagnosis.
  • Helping a patient to a point where they can be abstinent from drug use is important for their treatment. The goal of the program is to then teach and assist a patient in maintaining their abstinence. This includes relapse prevention strategies and techniques that can be taught to reduce stress and cope with situations.

Aftercare programs are important to the long-term recovery process that an addict will go through. Initial treatment is the first step in a process that can sometimes take years to completely get under control. By following a partial hospitalization program, a person can reach their sobriety and abstinence from drugs and then learn to turn to alternative methods of coping with the stressors of life or mental disorders.

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